Factors that influence the Physical Therapist Assistant salaries

Despite the recession, economic downturns and layoffs in the fast-growing health care industry has seen a steady increase physical therapist assistant salary. Well-being of others in the PTA & # 39; s hands, which in itself is an exciting and highly demanding job; the remuneration, which must be proportionate to the responsibility and fulfill the tasks that carers.

factors influencing physical therapist assistant salary

Various factors such as the qualification, certification and some other specified below sets out the compensation you can get as a physical therapist assistant.


If you are a novice, you can make $ 31,000 or $ 40,000 a year in the United States. This is the starting range and go up gradually, as your career progresses. A physical therapist assistant salary is expected to moderate levels of around $ 38,000 up to $ 51,000 per year. These numbers are only a guide; Actual numbers are obviously increased, considering the continuous rise in wages.

If you have been practicing physical therapy for over 5 years, which means that the knowledge, skills and well trained to handle all kinds of relevant case in this situation It is likely to produce the $ 60,000 or more.


Another factor that determines the salary drawn a PTA in the work place. In some states, the United States offered a higher compensation than others. For example, the average annual salary is between Texas and Florida $ 32,000 to $ 56,000. Florida, Texas, New York, California, Pennsylvania and Georgia are known to highest paying states in this business.

Similarly, the average salary for these professionals drawn from any part of the world, and is subject to the relevant factors.

type of employer

pay is linked to that if a single person working in a private company working in a hospital or works in a state institution.

As per the data released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics; Management, scientific and technical consulting finding the highest paying an average annual salary $ 75,680 between the top paying industries, and home health services, $ 60,090 average annual wage in May 2011

It should be selected if a part of the health sector, the physical therapist assistant salary and expected to be the most competitive reputation. As per statistics, the application of physical therapists is expected to increase 45% by 2020, which is much faster than average for all occupations. This positive employment outlook ultimately result in more job opportunities and better remuneration in this area. So, get ready, and as a part of challenging yet rewarding career!

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