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The physical therapist, physiotherapist As you can hand therapy and mechanical and electrical equipment to help the treatment, and support the recovery process of patients. The physiotherapy unit operates in addition to reducing the pain and the healing of joints and muscles. Some equipment also makes the patient comfortable during your visit to the physiotherapist.

While physical therapy chairs, sofas, beds and tables, there are some common physical therapy equipment, flat padded headrest pad, which is also used between padded and adjustable sections 2-7 count, as well. The goal of these parts to be and the patient lie down on your stomach or on her back as necessary. It can also be folded into varying degrees to serve as a chair or a table practice. This equipment allows the therapist to patient comfort during the examination and diagnosis. The same equipment can be used during exercises that should be done while the patient is massage therapy.

weights to exercise the hands and feet, exercise balls and rubber bands are also part of the physiotherapy equipment. A large ball filled with air and attached to a small set of rollers chair backrest id used for exercises that require support. This allows to contain the strain that would otherwise be felt by the spine and back.

physiotherapy equipments, such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is used is called TENS to reduce acute and chronic pain. TENS is a short-term relief of pain without the use of medication, drugs or injections. This machine is sent tiny electrical impulses to the nerves. These electrical impulses to block pain signals from reaching the brain. It is believed that increasing the amount generated by the brain endorphins. Portable models of these devices are available in the form of handheld devices that operate battery.

ultrasound and electrotherapy is important for the therapist used

driving equipment. The round rod or hand-held ultrasound probe is used. This device is connected to the patient & # 39; s body by an ultrasound gel to the skin. This probe then transmits ultrasonic waves through the skin. This equipment is very useful for the implementation of the drug under the skin, without the involvement of injections. The same device may be useful for generating heat in tissue without relief of pain and muscle relaxation, and relaxation of the tissue preparation pulse heating. Ultrasound wand can be attached to a large electronic device connected to the car more comfortable handling.

The above are just some examples of the physiotherapy equipment; Each physiotherapist is rather different instruments and treatment methods.

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