Physical Therapy Tricks Plugged / Blocked milk flights

The physiotherapist (aka physical therapist), and expectant mother, I find myself more interested in the physical challenges that new mothers and their babies. The rapid growth occurs in both mother and baby to the unique physical demands that are typically not parallel to the normal daily life. These physical demands can lead to from various diseases due pool / sacroiliac instability in mothers rapid weight gain and hormonal changes that result in ligament loosening (also known as laxity) that a stiff and crooked neck in infants (Torticollis) which a baby can at birth or acquired in the coming weeks.

Physiotherapists are a variety of techniques to treat an impressive toolbox of orthopedic conditions including those mentioned above. A little-known offensive physiotherapy, I will treat with great success, blocked milk flights nursing mothers. Although this issue is obviously not part of the typical assortment of orthopedic conditions and sports injuries to become one physiotherapy, physical therapy modalities, including ultrasound and massage therapy techniques can be extremely effective in clearing clogged channels.

Blocking milk flights can be painful, and always worrying. The symptoms include tender, reddish and warm areas of the breast, with progressive loss of milk. Although the cause is not always clear, it is believed that milk separator channels often arise in the accumulation of dried milk network. Risk factors include the formation of blockages due to inadequate drainage or rare or infrequent feeds short and long-term pressure straps, belt or a tight bra. In most cases, mothers self-treat blocked milk flights using some simple strategies (also recommended for example by the Canadian Breastfeeding Association):

  • Nurse your baby often day and night to completely drain the breast.
  • massage the breast to loosen the blockage during nursing.
  • wear but not limited to clothing.
  • Soak in Epsom salt breasts with warm water 10 minutes before each feeding (a handful of salt is 2-4 liters).
  • Try different feeding positions including leaning over the baby.
  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water.
  • If the condition may be more than 2-3 days, then rehabilitation is warranted. By applying painless therapeutic Ultrasound supplemented with manual massage techniques, blocked channels are usually alleviated, 1-2 sessions a registered physiotherapist. (Perhaps the physiotherapist has experience in the treatment of disease). Please check before a Physical Therapist or execution of the Family Physician Practice in this article.

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    Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy

    After a long day, relax with a massage. Your body will appreciate this effective form of stress management. Learn about the physical benefits of alternative therapies.

    Muscle Pain Reduction

    Muscle pain can be debilitating for many people. Massage can be an effective tool to relieve muscle pain and tension. After the session, most people have surfaced feel calmer and more relaxed. The kneading and circular movements targeting deep layers of muscle. This can be especially helpful for people recovering injuries.

    Improved Immunity

    Regular stress can have devastating effects on an organization & # 39; and the immune system. A weakened immune system often leads to many diseases and infections. With the regular meetings, of course, supports the immune system. There are several reasons for this improvement. First, the kneading movement can help to activate the cytotoxic capacity of the body that includes the killer cells that fight infection. This process also helps eliminate T-cells in the body that helps the immune system function more effectively. Serotonin naturally raises after the session, which strengthens the immune system naturally.

    Fighting depression

    When the depression hit, a massage can be an effective way to fight. Stress and unhappiness generally leads to increased cortisol levels in the body. Elevated cortisol levels are associated with depression. However, this type of physical therapy can reduce the level of cortisol than 50 percent. Increase in serotonin and dopamine improves and stabilizes moods.

    Flexibility and range of motion

    Aging and activity can lead to tightened joints. reduction joints result in limited flexibility and range of motion. This therapy was effective in improving a variety of movement and comfort flexibility. The therapist will focus on kneading the muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue and joints. After the session, most people experience a greater fluidity joints, which can improve comfort and reduce injuries.

    Blood Flow and Circulation

    Application of poor circulation in many diseases, including pain, pain, fatigue, and muscle tension. These kneading motion to move the blood pressure in different parts of the body. After the pressure of new blood is moving quickly. The pressure also serves to flush out lactic acid in tired muscles. This purging lymph nodes operate more efficiently helps to eliminate metabolic waste.


    Enhanced circulation is beneficial to the skin. After the massage, the skin is usually light up the extra blood flow. If the massage oil on your skin can get nourishment and hydration. Vitamin E, jojoba, evening primrose or almond oil examples of beneficial oils, which improve skin texture.

    Working tight and weak muscles that feel vibrant again. Athletes can participate in the management or preparing for an event or to recover from one. This may be a viable option to help you recover from surgery after anti-operative swelling. Whether you & # 39; ve had an injury, or you are experiencing stress, massage can be an effective way to help you feel better.

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    Meet Used Physiotherapy Physical Therapy Equipment

    The physical therapist, physiotherapist As you can hand therapy and mechanical and electrical equipment to help the treatment, and support the recovery process of patients. The physiotherapy unit operates in addition to reducing the pain and the healing of joints and muscles. Some equipment also makes the patient comfortable during your visit to the physiotherapist.

    While physical therapy chairs, sofas, beds and tables, there are some common physical therapy equipment, flat padded headrest pad, which is also used between padded and adjustable sections 2-7 count, as well. The goal of these parts to be and the patient lie down on your stomach or on her back as necessary. It can also be folded into varying degrees to serve as a chair or a table practice. This equipment allows the therapist to patient comfort during the examination and diagnosis. The same equipment can be used during exercises that should be done while the patient is massage therapy.

    weights to exercise the hands and feet, exercise balls and rubber bands are also part of the physiotherapy equipment. A large ball filled with air and attached to a small set of rollers chair backrest id used for exercises that require support. This allows to contain the strain that would otherwise be felt by the spine and back.

    physiotherapy equipments, such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is used is called TENS to reduce acute and chronic pain. TENS is a short-term relief of pain without the use of medication, drugs or injections. This machine is sent tiny electrical impulses to the nerves. These electrical impulses to block pain signals from reaching the brain. It is believed that increasing the amount generated by the brain endorphins. Portable models of these devices are available in the form of handheld devices that operate battery.

    ultrasound and electrotherapy is important for the therapist used

    driving equipment. The round rod or hand-held ultrasound probe is used. This device is connected to the patient & # 39; s body by an ultrasound gel to the skin. This probe then transmits ultrasonic waves through the skin. This equipment is very useful for the implementation of the drug under the skin, without the involvement of injections. The same device may be useful for generating heat in tissue without relief of pain and muscle relaxation, and relaxation of the tissue preparation pulse heating. Ultrasound wand can be attached to a large electronic device connected to the car more comfortable handling.

    The above are just some examples of the physiotherapy equipment; Each physiotherapist is rather different instruments and treatment methods.

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    Factors that influence the Physical Therapist Assistant salaries

    Despite the recession, economic downturns and layoffs in the fast-growing health care industry has seen a steady increase physical therapist assistant salary. Well-being of others in the PTA & # 39; s hands, which in itself is an exciting and highly demanding job; the remuneration, which must be proportionate to the responsibility and fulfill the tasks that carers.

    factors influencing physical therapist assistant salary

    Various factors such as the qualification, certification and some other specified below sets out the compensation you can get as a physical therapist assistant.


    If you are a novice, you can make $ 31,000 or $ 40,000 a year in the United States. This is the starting range and go up gradually, as your career progresses. A physical therapist assistant salary is expected to moderate levels of around $ 38,000 up to $ 51,000 per year. These numbers are only a guide; Actual numbers are obviously increased, considering the continuous rise in wages.

    If you have been practicing physical therapy for over 5 years, which means that the knowledge, skills and well trained to handle all kinds of relevant case in this situation It is likely to produce the $ 60,000 or more.


    Another factor that determines the salary drawn a PTA in the work place. In some states, the United States offered a higher compensation than others. For example, the average annual salary is between Texas and Florida $ 32,000 to $ 56,000. Florida, Texas, New York, California, Pennsylvania and Georgia are known to highest paying states in this business.

    Similarly, the average salary for these professionals drawn from any part of the world, and is subject to the relevant factors.

    type of employer

    pay is linked to that if a single person working in a private company working in a hospital or works in a state institution.

    As per the data released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics; Management, scientific and technical consulting finding the highest paying an average annual salary $ 75,680 between the top paying industries, and home health services, $ 60,090 average annual wage in May 2011

    It should be selected if a part of the health sector, the physical therapist assistant salary and expected to be the most competitive reputation. As per statistics, the application of physical therapists is expected to increase 45% by 2020, which is much faster than average for all occupations. This positive employment outlook ultimately result in more job opportunities and better remuneration in this area. So, get ready, and as a part of challenging yet rewarding career!

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    Neuromuscular Physical Therapy – Megan & # 39; and Case Study

    The student Megan & # 39; s medical history and symptoms, key moments and events of his time seem to focus on the pain and confusion. Nine years ago, after the birth of her second child, it was the first time that Megan noticed that his left leg is slightly wider and longer than the right leg. The timing is important because during pregnancy a hormone called relaxin would have allowed him to loosen the ligaments system will pre-natal pool. However, relaxin also loosen ligaments elsewhere in the body, and a longer and wider left foot indicates the collapse of the main arch of the foot due to ligament laxity. This is one round of Megan & # 39; s history that did not have an adverse effect on his health since then. The calm belts may never fully recovered the entire stabilizing force, and when he developed a tired aching feeling in the left medial arch of a few years later, probably as a result. A fallen arch leads into turning inwards and this in turn put unreasonable under the tibialis anterior muscle and possibly posterior tibial stress as they attempt to stabilize and counteract the over pronation. He stressed or overwhelmed to form muscle trigger points (TPs) from, and tibialis anterior anteromedially it can refer pain when you pass the retinaculum. TPS is the posterior tibial pain refers to a single / arch. Over pronation peroneus longus leads to a shortened which further inhibits the tibialis muscles which exacerbates the problem of continuous vicious circle.

    The whiplash injury experienced last year to Megan & # 39; s problems and they have experienced occasional headaches and neck stiffness. The whiplash injury almost certainly would have affected her sub occipital muscles, sternocleidomastoids (SCM), scalene and other stabilization of the neck and spine. This would lead to incorrect neck whiplash movement, which in turn would lead to the SCM and possibly TPS longus Colli one side (left) is likely the leg length discrepancy. TP would leave in these muscles rotate resulting in a shortened position the head to the right. If the longus colli part will result in the kinetic chain problems and affect the peroneals the lateral lower limb exacerbating the fallen arch. The peroneus longus muscles such an unhealthy state, it is possible that it may affect the sacrotuberous ligaments in the pelvis and the ability to keep the sacrum position. Megan says that one day last year he felt a twinge in his right sacroiliac joint to help up while lying on an obese client's situation. He experienced lock / interference and diffuse soft tissue pain QLS, multifidis and stabbing pain in his hip. The fact that he was locked in the trunk flexion to the right indicates that the QLS went into convulsions on the right wing after insult and as I find out later sacral base one inch tall, it and is back rotation of the right hip of the resulting postural imbalances which 2 / 3 Megan & # 39; and press the right side of the weight. This extra workload and postural imbalance led to stabbing pain in the trochanteric region and referred pain due to the lateral femoral TPs through a weak gluteus medius worked tensor fascia lata and iliotibial band due to issues.

    All this pain is becoming unbearable levels, Megan turned to prescription medication, codeine-based painkillers, antidepressants, Zoloft, anti-inflammatory tablets each of which has exacerbated the problems of time to build up toxins in the body. He was also under the influence of painkillers is likely to damage the tissues of doing activities that he would not have done if he is a natural alarm pain stop him. The elastic support belt and the belt would support the situation worse by encouraging the atrophy of muscle tissue.

    Megan & # 39; s right shoulder lower than the left may be due to a decrease in the latissimus dorsi muscle pulls the humerus and upper trapezius hypertrophy and anti pectoralis minor muscle pulls the scapula forward and down.

    If we look at Megan & # 39; s problems, symptoms and medical history, we can appreciate that he is suffering from abject pain and dysfunction in up and down with functional kinetic chain. The pain in the plantar fascia, cramping peroneus longus, inhibited tibialis middle rotated tibia, medial knee pain, lateral thigh pain, trochanteric pain, lumbo – sacral pelvic pain and dysfunction, posteriorally rotate right hip, lower left front upper iliac spine, 2 / 3- unbalance the right side, lower back pain and QLS multifidis abbreviated state of the latissimus dorsi muscle, neck extensors and flexors is any problem, we must ask the question of how functional kinetic chain are dealing with. In my opinion, considering all the affected areas, it would be a spiral inclined chain.

    Megan should ensure that his treatment will be extensive and protracted because some issues have been there for a while and would neural retraining of disorder and imbalances.

    • medical examination.
    • history.
    • Postural assessment.
    • testing

    • ROM / neural test.
    • Every shortened muscles should be relaxed and restricted / lengthened the TP Therapy, MET, positional release / counterstrain-grabbing.
    • should kick inhibited muscles and strengthen tapotement, MET and strengthening exercise. should
    • bind all areas STR, cross-fiber friction, etc.
    • In one aspect, the treatment could request a PCI pronating left foot beginning a plan to strengthen the area in the long term.
    • Megan & # 39; s diet was not mentioned, but also referring him to a specialist in this area to ensure that he is not the nutritional deficiencies that hindered the healing process.

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    Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine – Know the Differences

    It is not unusual to use the sports medicine and physical therapy interchangeably. However, the two are not exactly the same things you still find yourself in the patient files at once both parties.

    While compatible, the difference between the two branches of the medical discipline is clear. Both are effective in treating injuries, diseases and disorders of the muscular and skeletal systems of the body and both are useful for preventing future injury or disease symptom reoccurence. By making the individual look at both types of medical help, you will soon see the difference in physical therapy and sports medicine.

    Let & # 39; s first look at the physical therapy field. Unlike sports medicine, physical therapy as a whole devoted to correcting injury, illness or disease of the bones and muscles, which can be treated non-invasive methods. The focus is to provide patients relief from pain, improve muscle, joint and bone function, while patients in the techniques you can use to further their own healing. The primary means of diagnosis and a good therapist to assess skills, knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, and knowledge of which therapy is effective in all situations.

    a big difference between the two is that physical therapy is not only associated with sports injuries or problems. Therapists can choose to specialize in their careers with emphasis on things such as children, the elderly, and neurology. Other areas of expertise include sports physical therapy, cardiovascular sciences and occupational therapy.

    When looking at the differences between the two treatment you certainly can not leave sports medicine ignored. The types of injuries and illnesses related to medical science only be used for sports. While sports physiotherapy techniques commonly used by sports medicine, sports medicine may have surgery procedures and physical therapy medication not used. Sports medicine specialists also be special areas. Orthopedics and skeletal emphasis are common. Detailed study of how a long-term sports activities and treat sports-related injuries are always part of that discipline.

    The difference between

    Understanding physical therapy and sports medicine play an important role in determining how best to deal with physical problems. While it may be and are often used together, each one has its own distinct advantages. The medical care team will help further distinguish the two and showing the right direction in terms of health needs. The important thing is to take care of all injuries, sports-related or not, to ensure that your organization & # 39; s function in the coming years.

    The difference between the two is obvious medical approach. Although the two are often used together, each with its own purpose and use. The doctor will give advice on which specialist is right for your needs.

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    Physical Therapy – What is the fastest way to a physiotherapist?

    Physical therapy as a profession lucrative. Licensed practitioners earn an average base salary of $ 65 000 $ 75 000, many of them dream to become physical therapists. However, many of these people do not have the time to focus on schooling and reach that stage because they are working, or maybe the task to other equally important tasks. The experts in the field to understand the situation very well and therefore have created better opportunities. There are now a few quick ways to become a physiotherapist.

    One of the most popular methods are available, save your time pursuing an online degree. There are a lot of these degrees are offered through the Internet. Benefits include choosing this option does not need to be physically present in the classroom, and it allows you to work the school has its own requirements.

    However, here are some tips to remember to become a Physical Therapist quickly and safely.

    1. Get a university degree, and make sure that it is a certain degree of wealth of scientific training, such as physics, biology, chemistry. It's not really necessary to take up a university course physiotherapy; However, in order to provide the necessary training to fulfill the less time.

    2. After obtaining my diploma, it would be best to immediately pursue a master & # 39; degree in physical therapy as possible, as this is necessary in order to get a license. One is to make sure that the American Physical Therapy Association accredits them chosen by the school.

    3. Once you have completed the online degrees, waste no time. Complete residence immediately. This can be completed during the doctors in various fields, including physical therapy.

    4. After that, a license by completing licensure or certification requirements of the state. It needs to make sure that we take appropriate certification or licensure to practice the profession will not be delayed.

    5. Finally, you can choose an area of ​​specialization. Some people like to work with children and childhood injury-related, while others prefer to work in the sports life.

    referred to ways of not only the fastest but also the best way. This is because it is sure to provide a faster result. You need to ensure that all steps of the process will take place in the prestigious and authoritative schools. But once these programs may increase during the load and power through the program. If you do your research properly before you enroll in a school of choice, it increases the risk of errors and so you end up repeating the whole process.

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    Using Whirlpool and Whirlpool Temperatures physical therapy

    Physical therapy, Hot used to refer to a special water bath tub or hydrotherapy. Pools at strategic points to generate air bubbles and water pumps are placed, allowing the flow of air and water in the specific muscles of the body massage. to ensure that the intensity of air flow and water for up to mild or deep massage. Pools can be cold or hot temperature adjustable hydro-massage physical therapy.

    There are different types of vortices. They can be permanent or portable furniture sets. Some plans allow a vortex full body immersion, and others are preparing to treat the extremities only. There are cold whirlpools, which often treat any body parts, and hot whirlpools, a full body treatment.

    Generally, cold temperatures swirl physical therapy will be set in a range of 50 ° F to 70 ° F until hot whirlpool physiotherapy temperature from 100º F to 110 ° F. depending on the temperature, hot treatments of 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

    pools are ideal for improving blood circulation and performing range of motion exercises. In addition, frequent use of a wound care vortices physical therapy. Warm temperatures whirlpool wound healing cleans wounds; increase blood flow to the injured area and relieve pain. It also helps to soften the necrotic tissue and reduces the wound.

    followed by

    physical therapists guide the administration of wound care therapy whirlpool. Usually, patients undergoing treatment vortex once or twice a day 20 minutes. Depending on the wound, a spa treatment includes the use of an antiseptic. After vortex, the therapist flushing the wound with water to remove any residue.

    therapists to monitor closely the physical therapy hot tub temperatures. Generally, therapists keep the water temperature is 92 ° F and 96 ° F and less than 38 ° C, the cardiopulmonary patients disease. The higher the temperature the greater the water circulation.

    health clinics and sanitation facilities to strict guidelines when it comes to sparkling wine or water therapy. The personnel must have the appropriate containers sparkling clean and use disinfectants to prevent infections.

    Whirlpool therapy is not for all patients with wounds. There are only certain types of wounds that really benefit from this treatment. Some wounds will be even worse this method of care. The therapist assesses if the vortex treatment is appropriate for your medical condition and type of wound.

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    Practice Profitability and staff compensation strategies Physical Therapy Clinics

    "It & # 39;? S 11:10 at night … Where is Peter" Alicia asked himself as he woke dozing in front of the TV with their daughter, Jessica. He was glad to hear the sound of a door unlocking and Peter walks. He looked exhausted, but he was happy to continue with Jessica to bed. After all, it was Saturday, and he should have been the day.

    Alicia was proud of his or her husband. He worked tirelessly, not counting hours, evenings and weekends so that he could achieve his goal of owning your own gives Alicia the freedom to dedicate herself to raising their two children, and continues to be pursued MBA.

    Peter opened his practice two years ago and built his company from the ground up. Referrals are growing rapidly, and he is now seen in 100 patients visits per week. It recently rented PTA in addition to his administrative staff to help him with his growing case load. His passion was for the treatment of patients, but the current priority was built in practice. Peter told Alicia that a year or two, he could pull more than $ 600,000 a year, so maybe $ 6 million over ten years.

    "Pete, Jessica. They were very upset that he missed football games over all the other dads." Alicia said disapprovingly. Peter worked every night and on weekends for the past 3 months. "I do not understand why you spend every evening and weekends at the office," he said. "It is not the staff that need this treatment while the majority of this work? Is it to stay late to help?" Asked.

    "I really do not need this extra stress right now," he said. "I can not pay them overtime to help, and I really can not sit there and look at what & # 39;. Do all day"

    "You know, Peter," Alicia pressed "It & # 39; s clear to me that the & # 39;. Does not adequately address the staff"

    Peter felt as if punched in the stomach. He did not want to attack Alicia. In the past two years he has been to take care of Jessica while chasing MBA. Peter began a headache.

    "You're head bowed throughout the day to treat patients and not paying attention to what's going on in the staff." he added. "Last month, we had to replace all the front office personnel and two months ago, we replaced the biller."

    "You & # 39; paying the $ 12 administrative employees and hours and just hired a PTA of $ 45,000 a year, but it & # 39;. Is doing most of the work anyway" Alicia continued, more and more excited. "You have to lose money because of traffic and salary and on top of that you & # 39;. Never home anymore When you go to 100 patients a week and then spend every night and weekend business administration, why are staff at all?" Alicia asked.

    "Good question, I do not know," Peter replied reluctantly.

    "Katherine called the other day." Alicia said.

    Peter Katherine went to college. They graduated together and were good friends. Katherine opened her practice four years ago was the process of opening her fourth place. He was an average of 800 visitors a week.

    "we did not talk for long because she was to take her golf lesson, but during the few minutes we talked, I thought of an idea," said Alicia.

    "I did not even consider taking golf one day," Peter thought to himself. "OK Alicia, what you get?" Peter gave.

    "You know, he was paying staff based on performance Let & # 39; s start with some facts Employee salaries can vary in three ways:.. The type of service years of experience and the location of

    four basic. compensation: hourly, monthly, base salary plus performance bonus and profit-sharing or pure commission, "said Alicia, passing the table to Peter. 'compensation costs in a business activity employee If you have not used, it would eliminate this cost, but if you time. greeting patients and chasing insurance claims, there is no time to treat patients and manage transmission conditions. So the woman, you need help. "

    " So, you hire the treatment of patients crew suffering to greet them and the schedule of visits and chase insurance premiums. the problem is motivation. can you tell me what is the cost of unmotivated front office staff? "

    " Well, Alicia, "said Peter," an unguarded front office person could be, the patient's nervous, forget to collect co-pays, can not follow up the missed appointment. They also receive other office staff nervous, because they will not work together as a team. the price of unmotivated front office person can be increased patient retention rates, impact on cash flow and ultimately the bottom line. the price of an unmotivated rent a lot more expensive than a few dollars per hour … "

    " So, Alicia, "Peter replaced, despite the late hour," If you look at the front office staff and skilled pays $ 15 or maybe $ 18 per hour? "

    " Not so fast. "Said Alicia." If you pay more per hour, it reduces traffic because it will compete with compensation around less practice, but you'll still have the same motivation problems, regardless of whether they pay for $ 12 and $ 20 per hour. Say what you & # 39; and the problem of paying hourly wages of personnel, that needs people interaction skills? What is the ultimate goal that important office workers must comply with? "

    " I get it now! "Peter did not notice a loud voice." The front office staff responsible for patient loyalty and referrals. Working people requires attention to detail and interest in the problems. Especially if you are at work, injured or sick people. It & # 39; s hard work, people feel burnt out. So you have to take note of the results of compensation and incentives, such as new referrals, less irritation, fewer missed co pays. I was able to structure the front office salary to receive minimum wage standard work and the percentage of collections to give them incentives to grow referrals and keep patient care plan compliance. As more referrals, less annoyance, efficient collection of police pay increase collection and balances could work more and more as the highest-paid staff around!

    "Right," said Alicia, "and not all people will be ready for this kind of compensation but that & # 39; s OK too. Why is the lease wrong man for the job, and then discovered to be missing the skills and motivation to do the hard work? "

    " So, what about the PTA? There must also pay a bonus? why? "he asked Peter.

    "Of course I do not want to pay him not shown during idle hours, and we do not want to pay in proportion to the number of patients you see and better plans of care is the & # 39;. And profit sharing names," said Alicia.

    "… or commissions," continued Peter thinking "OK, I get it. – Commissions and bonuses to help people focus on the result of their work, not the difficulty of the compensation structure helps motivate staff, and. to avoid improves teamwork, problems, and contributes more my bottom line. "

    " So, why not move all of my staff commission? "asked Peter.

    "It & # 39; sa proper business approach," said Alicia, "except most people do not have the self-confidence and productivity work of pure commission instance, the biller agree to work 100% commission. the insurance collection? Most likely, it will not, because you need to pay her mortgage and other fixed costs, and does not know that his income depends on the patient flow, and insurance companies. he expects a continuous review, regardless of income, which depends on the performance. in fact, there are ways to measure the performance? If performance discovered during what would you do? "

    " Today I pay for her, regardless of her or my practice performance this & # 39; s not a healthy relationship, "complained Peter:".. It & # 39; s hurt the business "

    " the good news is, that, like Katherine & # 39; s office, there are companies working on commission only layout, "said Alicia," outsourcing would be billing more sense because it is a specialized billing companies manage their employee performance processes, including appropriate incentives methods. Actually, if you talk to an outsourcing company, always ask them how to compensate employees? These are all of the commission? If not, you'll end up the same problem even less control. "

    " In fact, no matter how large or small of my practice is, every detail must work together to succeed. If the administrative staff makes too much resignation and did not help links, sick visits will suffer, and revenue will decline, "said Peter.

    " The Pay-for-Performance pay scale rewards the staff who produce and disadvantage those who do not. As the owner of the practice, I always pay-for-performance pay. Pay yourself less if the company & # 39; s revenue down. Why should not the staff & # 39; s revenue can be the same way? I'm going to change the setting compensation for my employees tomorrow, "Peter's voice is very excited.

    " Slow down, Peter, "said Alicia." Before you make any changes, review the Human Resources and Compliance experts give good advice, "warned Alicia." It does not need a lawsuit because it lacked a legal requirement that we want the changes. ? "

    What do you think is Alicia improved her reasoning

    know the PT-specific personnel system, which can make Alicia & # 39;? S and Peter & # 39;? S dreams

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